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Since returning to Nashville in 2012 after the passing of her husband, Skipper Paul McQuinn, Jeanie McQuinn has worked tirelessly to operate and grow the publishing company founded by Mr. McQuinn in 1987. Jeanie is profiled as a songwriter on Grammy 365 as "Jeanie McQuinn" and as a music publisher on LinkedIn, and listed in the  Country Music Association Directory as well as the Music Row Magazine Directory. In addition to songs on our website, you may also listen to songs at: and follow her on Twitter @jeaniemcquinn.

While continuing her work as a successful songwriter Mrs. McQuinn recently engaged in a joint venture with long-time friend and colleague, Mr. Jeffrey Teague. Mr. Teague is the President/CEO of Artist & Repertoire, LLC and is a well-known and respected music producer and publisher. Mr. Teague also works with artists helping to develop and define their brand as an artist and assist in their subsequent marketing efforts. For more information on Jeffrey Teague and his company, please visit


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